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About Hodhod

An accident, disaster or security lapse can leave a business fighting to survive, so being proactive is smart. But too many businesses don’t commit sufficient thought and planning to what can go wrong and how, and pay a high price when misfortune strikes.

With the Hodhod app, protecting your business against low-probability but high-impact events becomes much easier. Hodhod supports business resilience and continuity by giving manufacturers a comprehensive digital platform for systematic hazard identification, risk management, compliance tracking and monitoring.

Hodhod helps you anticipate what could go wrong, and take action before it does. With Hodhod, you can identify mission-critical systems, scope resources needed for risk mitigation and recovery, plan and train for potential adverse events, stay on track with inspection schedules and action plans and more.


Safety Module

  • Management systems
  • Monitoring and reporting activities
  • Compliance and adherence
  • Awareness, trainings and SOPs

User tools

  • Company account control panel
  • Company profile management
  • User profile management
  • User roles assignment
  • Reports and analytics
  • API integration


  • Supplier reviews
  • Google maps location link in company profile
  • Shipping method and price

Back office

  • Order summary PDF
  • Billing information


  • Flexible search criteria: category, specs, partial text

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